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Nielsen's Marine Mates
Nielsen's Native Nursery
45 - 47 Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road
Loganholme, QLD, 4129

Nielsen's Marine Mates
45 - 47 Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road
Loganholme, QLD, 4129


We have a full range of Aquarium Accessories to suit the everyone's needs.

We believe in the products we sell, thats why we use them ourselves.
Our range includes books, fish food, filters, air pumps, backgrounds, cleaning equipment, driftwood, gravel, spare parts, lighting, ornaments, plants, pumps, skimmers, medications, chemicals, test kits, heaters and chillers.
We sell Saltwater & RODI water as well!!!
We have tanks holding 15,000L - How much do you need?
Purchase our 25 litre containers for $17.99 or bring your own!


We carry a variety of dry foods for Marine, Freshwater, Goldfish & Turtles. They come in varying types from flake, sinking or floating pellets, to freeze dried food. We have several colour enhancing foods, vegetable diets together with sinking wafers.

Brands Include: Ocean Nutrition,Wardley, Nutrafin, Prodac, Tropical, Xtreme & Hikari.


Fish Fuel Co.: Marine Dinner, Marine Green, Turtle Dinner & Turtle Green.

Ocean Nutrition: Bloodworm, Brine Shrimp (artemia), Mysis Shrimp, Krill, Invertebrate food, MicroPlankton, Marine quintet, Red Plankton, Aussie Turtle food, Rotifers, Malawi Mix, Fisheggs, Cichlid Mix, Aussie Discus food

Hikari: Mysis Shrimp, Mega Marine Angel & Spirulina Brine Shrimp.


Large range of popular water additives for Marine, Freshwater, Ponds and Planted aquariums.


Fungal Cure, White Spot Cure, Fin Rot Cure & Bacterial Cure.


We carry Test Kits for both Saltwater & Freshwater. Available are dry test strips, liquid kits, digital pens, hydrometers, thermometers and multi kits.

Brands Include: API, NYOS & Red Sea


Stocking a large range of ornaments, such as boat/aircraft and submarines, air operated ornaments and Backgrounds in paper or foam.


Available in a range of colours and sizes for your goldfish bowl all the way to your saltwater aquarium


Driftwood in a range of colours and sizes, both local and imported.


Make your Own: Aquasonic or Ultimate Aquacare Reef Salt from 2Kg to 25Kg.


Algae Sponges, Algae Blade Cleaners & Gravel Siphons. All sizes of Nets, Air Stones, Magnet Cleaners, Heaters & More.


LED, T8 Fluoro, T5 Fluoro High output tubes, Small Clip on Lights.  Brands Include: Ecotech, Aqua Illumination, Heto, Petworx, Hai Yang, Arcadia,  & Aqua One.

LED lighting is a winning combination of low power consumption, low heat, long bulb life (10 years before replacement!) and stunning beauty!


Sizes to suit tanks from 100L to 3000L.

Brands Include: Hailea


Trickle Filters, Refugium, Eco System (Miracle Mud), Hang On Filters, Canister Filters, Internal Filters. Talk to us to see which is best for you.


Used to give large amounts of circulation for the Coral Aquarium. Ranging up to 20,000LPH. Some of these have the ability to pulse simulating the waves of the sea.

Brands Include: Tunze & EcoTech Marine / Vortech, Aqua Medic, Aqua El, Polario and others.


Sizes to suit tanks from 100L to 5,000L.

Brands Include: AquaOne & Red Starfish

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Located halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Just 20 minutes from Brisbane CBD.

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